Fire up your athletic performance with Flex6. Flex6 can help overcome muscle aches and pains, particularly in older adults. It can be an effective agent to slow the loss of lean muscle mass, which can increase the occurrence of osteoporosis. Enjoy those workout and make those muscles happy with Flex6!

Flex6 is a powerful athletic formula based around Colostrum, and contains all 87 natural growth factors (including naturally occurring, non-synthetic IGF-1 and GH). It is one of the most powerful lean muscle-building, performance and endurance-enhancing supplement available on the market today.

Flex6 helps improve your performance, increase your workout pump, increase your endurance, build lean muscle mass and aid in enhanced recovery!
Flex6 utilizes the following natural anabolic components to give you the edge you are looking for:

IGF-1 (from Colostrum6): Our colostrum contains 2300ng/g of natural IGF-1 per serving. World class athletes like Olympian Winthrop Graham have used it to increase endurance, strength, and to improve recovery time
Methoxyisoflavone: For increased protein synthesis and enhanced nitrogen retention for prolonged pump and increased strength gains
7-ISO: Helps transport nutrients away from fat and uses them for the building of lean muscle
DIM (Diindolylmethane): Frees testosterone for muscle development
Creatine Ethyl Ester HCl: For increased muscle size with less fatigue without the dreaded “creatine water bloat”
ZMA: Shown to clinically increase muscle strength, increase muscle power and increase free testosterone levels
Flex6 was developed to enhance physical performance during your workouts or for athletic performance. Adults in the mature population can’t stop talking about how much Flex6 has helped them.

With the constituents found within, it’s no wonder that more and more athletes from bodybuilders to runners and cyclists are turning to Flex6 as a safe, natural way to build lean muscle mass, improve strength, enhance endurance and recovery time! Athletes recognize that having a lean body with minimum body fat is a major factor in maximizing their potential. They place heavy demands on their body through strenuous exercise, which results in the burning of protein and makes it difficult to build new muscle. Flex6 can play an impressive role in the building of new muscle, allowing the athlete and non-athlete alike to burn more fat and gain more muscle, enhancing the overall performance!

  • Made for athletes
  • Slims and tones lean muscle
  • Endurance enhancing
  • Increase energy
  • Made for masculinity and femininity